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The World Of Kainda Through Our Five Eyes

Our story began when we as five sisters, with a diverse multi-cultured ancestry came together to share our differences of passions, goals, mindsets & personalities. We set out on a mission to create a lifestyle brand for women of all walks of life. We want to inspire the world, with our passion using and creating products that are safe, beautiful and embody the most sustainable alternatives available.

Being a family of real diversity, we understand each other’s individual needs and desires that needs to be fulfilled in order to have absolute happiness and satisfaction in our lives. We cultured our products, scents and brand philosophy to capture these unique individual personalities to give every woman what she needs to compliment her own unique lifestyle and desires.

Our Mission

• Create products that serve real purpose in every woman’s life.

• To nurture the mind, body & soul with Soaps, Lotions, Creams, Candles & Diffusers expertly crafted and created with.

• To make us all feel great and confident about who and what we are about.

The Force Behind Kainda

Together, we are a powerhouse of forces to be reckoned with. We set out to inspire, invigorate and transform the world we live in.

"I am the most romantic among my sisters. I desire harmony and peace within myself and for my love ones, this impacts the way I look at life through actions of care and generosity. I wouldn’t say I have the “perfect image” of what I want to manifest into my life at this moment but I do like to have control of what is happening around me. I have a more traditionalist view of the world and stand by my individualist ideals for the meaning of love in its truest form."

- Giselle Janssen

"I am the achiever among us, sisters. I embark on my journey into the universe and I breathe life into my ambitious dreams. Once I have achieved what is in front of me I am already aiming for the next target – with this constant drive to succeed I orientate my every waking thought into how I can reach my absolute best. Although I do face limitations, it is a never-ending saga that I want to inspire others. Above all, needing to feel valued and liked by everyone."

- Vanessa Janssen

"I am the eccentric among US, sisters. I like to be different with my unique style and creative ideas that consume me and can’t help but to always be one-off. I am self-confident and do not care what the world thinks of me, as bad as it may sound, I never like being told what to do, but that does not mean I don’t hear and feel others. I love to challenge the status quo by presenting my distinctive character to the world."

- Camille Janssen

"I am the intellectual among us, sisters. I find my path in life through books and knowledge – I feel as though my thoughts transcend further than my imagination. I travel to distant places in my own mind and am highly perspective to create a world that only I can access, this sometimes makes me slightly withdrawn from society. In my down time, I enjoy learning and expanding my mind to explore every innovative thought that comes to me."

- Mercy Janssen

"I am the extrovert among us, sisters. I took it as my mission to illuminate every room I enter so that all eyes are on me; my voice carries through the hallways and my spirit awakens everyone’s soul. I am often spontaneous and I want to take every chance I get to explore the world around me. I love to be social and take everyone on a ride, whether they asked to go along or not. My inquisitive nature, is just a taste of my enthusiasm of life, I believe in taking chances and living life to the fullest."

- Grace Janssen

Discovering your inner self, define your truest self, and set it free for the world to see!