Tips to Achieving Glowing Skin

The humid and hot weather really puts an oily glow in our skin, making us spend more time indoors with air-conditioning which dries out our skin. The recipe is easy to see: humidity plus ultra-dry air equals flaky, irritable skin.

Of course, by drinking lots of water and tea and swathing yourself in nature’s best moisturizing products, you can combat weathered skin while creating a more balanced and healthy glowing skin conditions.

Kainda has a full slate of hydrating and moisturizing options to take on specific trouble spots. Our emollient-rich body care products lavish your skin with nature’s proven moisturizers while leaving it touched with a fragrance that’s light, refreshed and will cleanse your senses. Try these easy tips to care and protect your skin:

Bubble it Up! 

Pump it out, during your cool bath water, our Sensuous Body Wash makes your skin silky soft. By lightly rubbing the body wash bubbles directly on your skin, your body gets a deep, moisturizing treat. Kainda’s Sensuous Body Wash features ultra-popular hemp seed oil for sensitive and deep hydration, it also contains luxurious chamomile that provides that extra natural healing and skin rejuvenation for the beautifully moisturized skin.

Just add Butter!

After a bath, it is important to continue nourishing and protecting your skin. Made with African Mango Butter, the star ingredient in Kainda’s Velvety Body Lotion, this beauty-cabinet staple earns its reputation as a superlative soother. The soothing lotion is easy to spread into your skin; it will make a skin-supportive spa experience in any household. That’s because, when absorbed through the skin, it provides a protective layer that will strengthen your skin, exfoliating and moisturizing any dead skin cells. Kainda Velvety Body Lotion does all the above, while also calming the mind with its fragrance of herbaceous herbs and spices, fresh jasmine and energetic mandarin.

Whip it good!

Just like a whip cream, silky hand cream is a must for dry hands! Due to the hold and cold environment, we go in every day our hands and other delicate skin can be easily affected and cause you to have dry irritated or chapped skin. After your bath, or even right before bed, apply our Silky Hand Cream to your nails, cuticles, and fingers; gently take your time to massage the rich cream deeply into your skin. Kainda’s Silky Hand Cream is prized with intensely nourishing ingredients and light as air, that is nature’s most luxe moisturizer – Australian Macadamia Nut Oil which is very well known for its natural moisturizing qualities, along with humectant glycerin and vitamin E, to caress your skin and maintain moisture. Kainda’s Silky Hand Cream tends to be the most effective moisturizers available. Which makes it perfect for not only your hands, you can use it for your knees, elbows, and feet—especially toe and heels! One product that can remedy the areas of your skin most prone to dryness. Silky Hand Cream uses a rich emollient blend of ultra-hydrating African mango butter, macadamia nut oil, soothing Aloe Vera, pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin E.


A weekly spa ritual, a gentle body scrub, lotion, and cream go hand-in-hand in maintaining a balanced and healthy glow. To take care of your skin, bubble up often with a gentle, nourishing body wash. Follow up with a lavish body lotion to seal in moisture. Concentrate and massage a rich cream on those extra dry skin areas. Achieve this with natural and sustainable ingredients enriched by science and nature to polish your skin and leave you with a luminous glow.

2 thoughts on “Tips to Achieving Glowing Skin

  1. vedina says:

    I’ve been struggling with oily skin for ages and the only reason people don’t take note of that is because they’re distracted by the hundreds of ance I have on my face. Thanks for sharing these tips. Imma try them and hope my skin clears up at least a bit.

  2. Really I am Thankful to Admin for sharing the above beauty tips. I am a 26 yrs old newly married housewife. To achieve glowing skin year back I am using various Creams but due to side effects I am getting pimples on my face. Some days back one of my friend suggested me this link. I tried with these natural remedies. Thanks god now I am not getting pimples on my face. Keep sharing such good articles.

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