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Create a Secret Place within Your Home

I believe that everyone needs an area in their home that represents their style and personality. As you may or may not know yet, we are very sensitive to our surrounding environments and it has the ability to influence our mood, our thoughts, and our actions. You need to prioritize a visit to this area every day so you can experience your highest level of good energy and vibrations – with a total sense of happiness in your secret place of bliss. Here is some inspiration for your space – don’t be afraid to create your own and share with us what your secret place looks like.


    • This means you need to infuse this space with shades of greenery.
    • Go for a more wooden setting with your furniture.
    • Fill this space with different, odd and unique shapes, just like nature itself.

    • Pick the flower that most resonates with you harmony, empowerment, and peace.
    • Fill this space with no standing furniture – only hip level to embody the concept of a flower bed.
    • Find

    • An outdoor setting filled with the wild and best of nature.
    • Go for the feeling of warmth and comfort like a wood fire.
    • Fill this space with layers of thick and tones of brown, black and gold.

    • Deep blues and aquatic cyan, this space should have the sounds of running water.
    • Water calms the mind and soul, it is a place for relief and release.
    • Open your mind and allow this space to be free from material things and only the purest elements.

    • Purple is the color that should be set for this space, it embodies a more spiritual tone.
    • Light this space up with silver white lights and

Whether you are sitting by the fire pit as the sun sets, beneath the moonlight stars in the night sky or in the comfort of your home filled with color and passion – live in the moment and connect with your surroundings, discover your own inner Kainda.

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