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The Secret to Creating Your Outdoor Retreat

Have you ever wanted a room that was purely for relaxation, cleansing the mind and soul, filled with a natural goodness? Well, you better get started on creating your own outdoor retreat! I have thought about this recently and put together some steps to inspire you. Below are some of my personal inspiration images for the perfect outdoor retreat, this one is known as the ‘Tuscan Retreat’ from the Australian Show ‘The Block’.

I believe your outdoor space should reflect how your home will resonate with the people that enter, or who you welcome into your home. It is vital to ensure that you beautify your home naturally and exert your own spiritual essence of your family or your own individual personality into your retreat. This may sound hairy-fairy but it is about creating the perfect space to rejuvenate and restore balance to your life, home and mind.

1. Find Your Purpose

You must know what is the purpose you want to achieve for your outdoor room – for instance, do you want it for relaxation, reading, yoga, dancing, study, break-time, for dining – without knowing your purpose you cannot know your direction for designing, implementing or creating! So be sure to say how do I want to use and feel about my space?

2. Colours & Patterns

So important! Have you ever walked into a room and felt confused or lost? That is because colours and patterns help us to identify with our emotions, our senses and our mood. Each colour psychology has an impact on the mind and stimulates a reaction or a mood if you say – so again knowing your purpose, allows you to define the colours that will enhance the right frame of mind and when you walk into your space you will know exactly what you came into it for!

3. Search for Outdoor Furniture, Vintage, Markets, Overseas Stores

Go into the stores, look for the big and small items that will make up for your outdoor retreat – these things you can find at Down the Street, at your local vintage store, or online. You can also visit night markets or keep a look out even when you travel – you may come across a perfect item that embodies your purpose.

My personal advice; do not put a clock inside this room. This outdoor retreat is your space away from the world, away from the rush and distractions. This is your safe haven.

4. Set a budget!

Of course, we can all get a bit ‘trigger happy’ but we have to remember not everything has to have a high cost to be beautiful – like Kainda for example – You have to set yourself a limit on what you want to achieve and also how much money you are willing to spend. I believe if you plan it right, you won’t need to spend too much in order to make it work.

  • Look for the bigger items first. Check out the pricing and colours/patterns (make a decision)
  • Do not purchase anything yet. Just have a clear idea of what the big items are and how much it is going to cost you.
  • Is it within your budget?
  • Make the purchase.
  • Now for the smaller items. Take your time for this one.
  • Consider some DIY pieces, beautiful plants in old metal sheets is quite classy!
  • Everything in our lives is a journey, an experience – so don’t rush the process.

5. Use your space…

We all have a similar habit, when we have finished something – the excitement tends to grow weary and our spaces begin to be used less and less. Do not let this happen to your space – of course, we all get busy, our lives are run by the clock on our wall, or we simply say “we cannot relax right now we are too stressed.” As I am sure you already know, in order to function at 100% we must feel 100%, and in order to achieve 100%, we need to stop and restore balance to our mind, body and soul!

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