3 Ways to Achieve Mindfulness in Your Life

Deepen your meditation practice and try to live mindfulness in every moment, it becomes clear that the mind can be consumed—with judgment, opinion & excuses. Just as we work diligently to limit our plastics and other types of wasteful physical and environmental consumption, so can we be ever mindful of the very source–our mind itself–so that it is ever connected to our heart and a mind-set, based in compassion for all living things, so that we may actually contribute to a more sustainable way of living on our beautiful earth.

Take care of your inner environment

Slow down, take care of your body, reduce, reuse, recycle, do yoga. Model the change that needs to happen. Best of all, daily yoga provides an entry way into a life-changing practice that became destined to save the world: mindfulness.

Mindfulness connected by being and doing

Allow your whole being to be at ease with effecting change in harmony with things exactly as they are now, rather than by railing with frustration against the establishment and those who didn’t think and act like me. Mindfulness was working steadily to evolve a quality of life that was more sustainable in the face of what used to appear slightly effective at best and desperate at worst.

Encourage change around you

We often commented proudly on being the change we wanted to see in the world. So encourage your kids, sisters, brothers, mother & father to chant together, plant together, meditate together. Encouraging opens up opportunity for the new generation to feel fueled by an awakening, outrage, and activism of my generation coming to terms with and clarity about how we can make a difference. Through conscious choices, we were changing the face of humanity in our communities.

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