How to Nurturing Yourself Makes For Better Mothering

Mothering, is not only towards our children, it is the space within where we mother ourselves and where we feel connected to the Great Mother. This place is sacred, private, timeless and so uniquely our own. Every woman is different in how she wants to be nourished, how she wants to be cared for, how she wants to be mothered. Thus, when we take time to fill the Mother Well, we all choose a little something different and relevant to our own authentic nature.

Filling Your Own Well

Fill your own Mother Well with time alone, in nature or at home. Write in your journal or sing or cook or walk in the woods or meditate. Be sure to be open minded in order to listen to the subtle cues, to the birds singing in the trees, or to that inner voice that so often gets muffled by the noise of everyday life. This is how you can restore your mind and re-charge your body.

The exact opposite experience are individuals who are more extroverted in nature; re-fuel by going out, by relating, by verbally processing and by externalizing. Without their social time, they start to feel a buildup of emotion within, like a tidal wave of bottled feelings that have no avenue of expression. They are relieved when that wave of thoughts, feelings and experiences gets an outlet. This is how they re-establish balance.

Follow Your Intuition

What I would suggest to women who are learning how to fill their own Mother Well is to first identify whether they experience themselves as more of an introvert or an extrovert. This is not to suggest we are dichotomous and only allowed one way of being, but it is to acknowledge that each of us tends more towards one or the other the majority of the time.

One of the best ways to identify your tendency is to ask yourself which leaves you feeling more depleted: time alone or time out socializing with others? When you walk away from either experience, you will know you have filled your own well based upon the feelings you experience after the intentional time you spent.

There are certainly times when extroverted types need more time alone to center, and when introverted types need to get out and engage with others. Always allow yourself flexibility to swing both ways on the pendulum. The greater point is to know that only you can identify your needs at any given moment, and to understand how important is is to tend to those needs in order to keep mothering well.

The result?

More of you. More of your authenticity. More of your light. More of your joy. More of your tireless ability to give of yourself. More of your unique stamp of mothering. When you are able to give to yourself, you fill the Mother Well. As a result, You Mother Well.



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