The Truth about Waterfalls and our Well-being

Many people feel this overwhelming relief when they stand near or swim in under a waterfall – they may think this is because they are experiencing a new dimension and feel dreamy. However, it is proven that waterfalls have major positive health and well-being benefits to people who suffer from stress related anixety, asthma, and allergies. It is incredible that a waterfall’s natural formation – made by uplifts or down dropping parts of our Earth’s crust, a diversion in a river blockage of a preexisting water channel or a differential erosion in our valleys – provides the human race with a natural and positive balance.

Positive effects on your Health & Well-being

A waterfall is magical, enchanting and immensely powerful. It is no wonder that when you are near a waterfall you begin to embody these feelings and your body immediately relaxes as your mind expands.

Reduces Asthma & Allergies

After a long period of exposure to the air and water surrounding the waterfall, asthma and allergy symptions reduce signifcantly. Providing enrichmentment to many individuals who struggle with breathing & irritations.

Cleansing of the Respitory System

The fine mist that is encapsulated by waterfalls acts as a cleanser for the respirtory and pulmonary system. It is vital to cleanse your lungs as it leads to ‘a lasting, efficient, symptomatic and immunological improvement’.

The pounding of the water, rushing past you, as you look up all you can see is rock filled hills and endless water falling – it is still a phenomena to us geologically speaking, because if it’s rock foundations are removed we have no idea on the adverse effects we will have on the surging water or the brink of the falls as well as the lip of the waterfall itself. A waterfall, even the smallest, can survive for millions of years, which means we will be able to appreciate a waterfall in our lifetime and hence we should take advantage of this natural phenomena when we travel abroad;

This is my TOP 5 Waterfalls across the Globe;

  1. Victoria Falls (off the Zambezi River, South Africa)
  2. Angel Falls (Venezuela, South Amercia)
  3. Niagara Falls (Canada, United States)
  4. Jog Falls (Karnataka, India)
  5. Huangguoshu (Guizhou, China)
  6. Iguazu Falls (Argentina, South America)

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